Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Mashable

Words to leave off your resume, as referenced in class tonight.

2013 Oscars' Misogyny

Here are some interesting pieces of cultural criticism regarding this year's Oscars, all addressing the host's misogyny:

From The New Yorker.

From Vulture.

And from Buzzfeed.

Note the various formats, lengths, media usage. Is one more effective than another? Did one grab your interest and hold it more than another?

In other words, how has media technology affected popular arts criticism?

You know, a little question.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sherlock Holmes reviews to check out

Since the last thing you all saw together was Sherlock Holmes at the Civic, I thought you might be interested in the reviews that have been published.

Here's what The Western Herald had to say about it, and here's what the Kalamazoo Gazette printed.

When we convene again next week, I'd like us to dissect these reviews. What would you have done differently? What are their strengths and weaknesses as reviews? Did they cover the right elements? Appropriate structure and evidence for their argument(s)?

Please feel free to use this as a prompt for your informal blog post this week.

Make sure to make lots of comments on each other's blogs this week.

Hang in there, everyone, and please come see me during office hours.