Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Mashable

Words to leave off your resume, as referenced in class tonight.


  1. This list from Mashable is super helpful but there are a few other things I'd encourage my fellow students to leave off of their resumes:

    1. Activities
    Many students like to list all of the activities in which they've participated during their time at K. I usually tell students, if it's an activity relevant to the job/position you're seeking, place the activity under the Experience title (especially if you've had a leadership position.) If the activity is irrelevant, take it off completely. You can always bring up your extra curriculars in an interview if applicable.

    2. Two addresses
    Many students put both a current and permanent address on their resumes. Put the address that is most useful for the job you're seeking. If you're looking for a job in NY and you're from NY, put that address. If neither address is particularly useful, put your school address.

    3.Repeat information
    Don't take up valuable space on your resume by duplicating information. If you've held two positions where you've learned similar skill sets or have had similar responsibilities, think of new and creative ways to express what you've done.

    4.Skills that everyone has
    The article from Mashable touched on this, but don't put down skill sets that everyone has. Putting Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on your resume doesn't make you stand out. It makes you look like you have no extraordinary talent or skills.

  2. Thanks so much, Alaina! Great tips!