Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Assignment for Third Week

1. Read the Arts sections of the NYTimes every weekday. Pay particular attention to the reviews. Read and analyze them for craft. Note what you think is effective and what is not and why.

2. Read Ch. 6 in McLeese.

3. Based on what you learned in class, the feedback you received in workshop, and the knowledge you gained from reading Chapter 6 in McLeese, thoroughly revise your film review. Post your revision on your blog and email it as a .doc attachment (and embed in the body) to me by Monday at 8 a.m.

4. Read NYTimes defenses posted by Britt and Maggie, and Joe and Patricia.

5. Come see me during office hours!


  1. Hey Marin, just so I can keep it clear in my head:

    1. You want our official reviews sent in to you by Mondays at 8 A.M. They are to be in email format, both full text in the body email and as an attachment .doc. The reviews are also to be posted on our blogs by this time

    2. You want our extra articles in by Wednesdays at noon. Just posted in the blogs.

    3. Our NYT Defense articles are to be posted by Monday, 8 A.M., the week we are presenting. Just posted in the blogs.

    I think I have everything right? If I am just causing more confusion there is probably a rock ready to be imprinted with my forehead.

  2. Yes, you've got that exactly right, Zac, if by "extra articles" you mean "informal blog posts." Please spread the word!